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Great service

Aaron, 28 Nov 2020

Good service

Karl, 26 Nov 2020

Great food

Paddy, 23 Nov 2020

Beautiful and fresh. And always delivered promptly and hot. Thank you!

Emma, 21 Nov 2020

Nice food

Ainsley, 20 Nov 2020

We have waited over an hour and forty minutes and rang 3 times. We keep getting told out for delivery when we ring. We have two kids waiting for food and getting really upset. IL be very annoyed if the food gets here and it's cold.

Lucy Cleaver, 14 Nov 2020

Food is very good

William, 08 Nov 2020

Excellent service and food

John, 30 Oct 2020

Hi I feel very disappointed. I ordered food to the value of almost £24 specifically asked for the sauce separate on the mixed. Once the food arrived the sauce was on top Instead of Inna pot! So you replaced the kebab expected the wrong 1 back which we accept is only fair to then not having the right salad on the replacement!!

Kelly, 25 Oct 2020

Food was cold and wrong phoned up they sent fresh out and it was still wrong what a waste of money

Angharad, 23 Oct 2020


Chris, 23 Oct 2020

Thank you

Paul Moule , 23 Oct 2020

Very good service and fast friendly delivery always happy to help

Chantelle, 18 Oct 2020

Very disappointed lately. Used to be very good. Chilli sauce used to be homemade. Orders always used to be correct. Tonight (the last time I ever order) is the 3rd time in the last 4 that my order has been incomplete, inedible or ridiculously late. Tonight order came on time but missed spicy chips and pitta (somehow). Phoned and was told told they'd deliver the missing items. Phoned and was essentially accused of misleading. No apology. When delivered the spicy chips had literally just had half a pot of black pepper tipped over them. No effort, no care, no more business from me.

Andrew, 17 Oct 2020

Excellent as always !

Sian, 15 Oct 2020

Very prompt service. Delivery people are also really polite

Martine, 06 Oct 2020

Fast delivery and really tasty

Mark, 03 Oct 2020

Simply crap Wrong food cold and no interest in after service Taking advantage of the current situation where people prefer to order food rather than collect Will not order again

Gary, 01 Oct 2020

Very poor service Ordered 4 times each order was wrong and was just served cheap chicken in a kebab when donner and kofte were ordered Also food was always cold and soggy Beware with purchasing on just eat They’re just taking advantage of current circumstances Telephone comms very poor as well after food delivered AVOID...

Luana , 01 Oct 2020

The pizzas were absolutely disgusting by better pizzas from a supermarket.

Claire, 21 Sep 2020

Firstly the 10inch pizza I'd ordered my children was missing, both our meals were cold which needed reheating by us. After contacting the store the pizza arrived 25 mins after the rest and after requesting half pineapple on the pizza it was covered in pineapple.

Alana, 12 Sep 2020

Really poor phone service, food arrived hour and a half after order, freezing cold, had to re heat with microwave. Terrible service. To be fair to the delivery driver it wasn’t there fault

Jodie, 12 Sep 2020

Good food. Good service. Very friendly

Cerys, 12 Sep 2020

will order again, was looking to see when it would be here but arrived before it said on the website


Really nice. Happy with my food. Thank u.

Janine ,


Judith Addison ,